2017.04.06 The MARUGOTO website has been completely updated to make it easier to understand and more convenient for students studying with MARUGOTO, as well as teachers teaching with MARUGOTO.
Because of this update, users who have already registered will need to re-register on the new homepage starting April 4th.
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he new homepage:

2016.08.31 【You Can Change Your Password】
If you know your password, you can change your password. Log in to your account. Click "Account" tub in the upper side of the page, then click "Reset Password" button. Type your new password (Using 8-16 characters) in the fields.

2016.04.18 【Notice of holiday】
We are sorry for the inconvenience but our customer support shall be closed from Apr. 28th to May 8th. We will reply to the inquiries from May 9th.
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2015.11.09 Vol.3 MARUGOTO and understanding and respecting other cultures (Hiromi Kijima, Japan Foundation)

2015.11.02 Vol.2 MARUGOTO and Can-do statements (Hiromi Kijima, Japan Foundation)