QWhat kind of support is there for teachers?
A“Teacher’s Notes”, “Vocabulary Index”, “Phrase Index”, and “Word List” are open to the public as teacher’s resources. You can access the teacher’s resources from the “Marugoto” portal site.
The lists were made in Excel, and can be sorted by lesson or part of speech, etc. to suit your needs, so please take advantage of them.
“Marugoto” Portal Site
QIs it possible to buy the audio material?
AYou can download all audio material for free. Please register to download them.
If you want the audio material on CD, they are available at the prices below (Please be aware that the contents are the same as the MP3s you can download for free.).

Starter A1: a set (contains 3 Katsudoo and 4 Rikai CDs) list price 1,000 yen
Elementary1 A2: a set (contains 4 Katsudoo and 4 Rikai CDs) list price 1,200 yen
Elementary2 A2: a set (contains 5 Katsudoo and 4 Rikai CDs) list price 1,500 yen
Pre-Intermediate A2/B1: a set (contains 4 CDs) list price 700 yen
Intermediate1 B1: a set (contains 10 CDs) list price 1800 yen
Intermediate2 B1: a set (contains 10 CDs) list price 1800 yen

When we receive your order, we will send you the CD and a postal transfer form. Please make the payment for the price when you receive them. We accept postal transfer only. Thank you for your understanding.
For shipping inside Japan, shipping fees are ¥200 for up to 2 sets, or ¥350 for 3 or more sets. There is no wire transfer fee for the transfer.
For overseas shipping, the shipping fees and wire transfer fee for the transfer will be paid by the customer. (Varies depending on the country or area)
Please be aware that the contents of the CD are exactly the same as the MP3s that can be downloaded for free.
Please apply here to place an order.
QWhere can I buy it overseas?
AThis information is on the MARUGOTO distributor page.
QCan I get samples for review purposes?
AWe do not provide free samples for those considering using them.
We publicly release the content as much as possible, instead. You can view the Table of Contents and sample pages on the Book Introduction page for each book, so please use these for your consideration.
If you have any other questions, please contact us by the Contact form.
QCan you give estimates?
AYes. Please contact webmaster@sanshusha.co.jp with the required level and number of books, your contact details, and the shipping address, etc.
QWhat are your publishing plans for the future?
AWe have no plan to publish any further volume.