Privacy Policy

SANSHUSHA Publishing Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to as the “Company”) obeys the Act on Protection of Personal Information and related laws. We aim for the proper collection, use, and secure storage of personal information provided by all of our users. To that effect, we have enacted the following regulations:

(1) The Company has established strict regulations for handling personal information and has made those regulations thoroughly known to our officers and employees. We also require our business partners to act in accordance with personal information handling laws. When necessary, we provide supervision, instruction, and consultation to our business partners regarding personal information.

(2) We inform our users in advance that personal information is being collected and inform them of what it will be used for. We only use collected personal information appropriately within this scope.

(3) We will never intentionally disclose user’s personal information to any third party expect in the following instances:
- When a request based on law has been received;
- When a user specifically agrees to have their information released to a third party at the time the information was provided; or
- When a contractor has been entrusted with the task of processing collected information and information is disclosed to that contractor to carry out the said task as necessary.

(4) The Company responds promptly to any request made for the disclosure, revision, deletion, or a stop to the use of stored personal data when received from the provider of said information in accordance with related laws.

(5) The rules and operations manuals the Company has drawn up in regards to secure personal information storage have been made known to our officers and employees in order to maintain their continued effectiveness. We strive to ensure that our personal information storage systems are secure by regularly carrying out measures such as reviewing and revising our policies when appropriate.
Additionally, as established in Article 50, Paragraph 1, of the Personal Information Protection Law, this privacy policy does not apply to the handling of personal information when provided for use in reporting or written works. Privacy Policy
Version 1
Enacted August 20, 2013