The Marugoto coursebooks can be purchased at
specialty bookstores and other bookstores around Japan,


as well as each of the online shops listed below.


Honto and Kinokuniya Web Store can accommodate customers by shipping domestically and overseas. Before using these services, please be careful of the points listed below.
Find your nearest MARUGOTO distributor.

■ Regarding the delivery time
This varies due to the method of shipping and the country/area to which the books will be shipped. Please confirm this point with each online shop. When ordering, the delivery time given by the applicable online shop is an estimate, so please understand that the time until arrival is not guaranteed.

■ Regarding delivery costs
This depends on the region and the gross weight. Please confirm these details with sources such as each online shop’s usage guide.

■ Regarding the input of information
Please take care when inputting registration and delivery information at the time of purchase so as not to make a mistake. In particular, in the event of overseas shipping, be sure to input the delivery destination using the alphabet. Inputting this information in katakana, hiragana, or kanji may result in delays or mistakes with delivery.

■ Regarding customs clearance (when shipping overseas)
Taxes and customs charges are the responsibility of the product recipient. When receiving the product(s), please follow the laws and regulations of the country of destination and pay any applicable taxes or customs charges.