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Thank you for using marugotonihongo.jp (hereafter referred to as this “Website”). The purpose of this Website is to promote the use of “Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture”, which is based on standards set by JF Standard for Japanese Language Education, as teaching material. We do this by providing worldwide purchasing support and supplementary materials to language teachers, students, and anyone else with an interest in Japanese language education.

We ask that our users read and agree to the following terms of use before using this Website. Also, this terms of use agreement is subject to change without prior notice at any time. We thank you in advance for understanding.

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[Our policy on protecting personal information]
We use reasonable methods to securely store personal information collected from users during the registration process. For more information on how we handle personal information, please see our separately published Privacy Policy.

[Forbidden Actions]
(1) Users are forbidden from using this Website in the following manners:
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[Governing laws and jurisdiction]
This terms of use agreement and our privacy policy are governed by Japanese law. Any disputes that arise from any provision of this terms of use agreement shall be handled by a court of law with jurisdiction over the place in which the Company is located, acting as the court of competent jurisdiction as agreed upon by both the user and the Company.

[Recommended environment]
Please see our separate “About This Site” section for information on how to use this Website most comfortably.

[Changes to and stoppage of the service]
This Website’s contents and URL are subject to changes or deletion at any time. Additionally, our system may be subject to temporary technical difficulties or maintenance, during which time the service may be unavailable in whole or in part. The Company will send notifications to users through reasonable means to inform them of updates to or stoppage of the service.

marugotonihongo.jp Terms of Use Agreement
Version 2
Enacted March 3, 2015